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Climate change, digital trends, going-paperless, fake news, and a growing online reading culture are only a few of the elements that charge our existence – yet we are principally obsessed with ever-increasing our consumer value in the market.

At 1989Magazine we offer our readers a convenient and reliable approach as to how newspapers and magazines ought to be consumed in present-day through a simple, nonetheless seamless design of our subscription service.

The 1989Magazine team is partnering with longtime trusted Media houses to improve the consumer experience, having all local, regional and international newspapers (ePapers) reach our readers all from one secure source, one subscription [entailed with a string of innovative concepts].

1989Magazine is an online marketplace for all your local, regional and international newspapers in their digital format. The Print Editions are uploaded daily, offering customers early access to the day’s news through a simple, whole and decent design from anywhere on any smartphone, tab or PC.

1989Magazine is also an ad-free subscription service with a money-back guarantee, supporting Mobile Money, Credit and Debit card payments.

Speed plays a captain role in stimulating world economies. The ones that access the right information faster, more than often get ahead. Sign Up today, and be the First to Know with the 1989Magazine.

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